BAHAWALNAGAR (A News) According to A News, thirteen people were injured when their bus toppled at a Sutlej River bridge on Arifwala Road.

Rescue 1122 arrived on the scene and began a rescue operation, transporting the injured to a nearby hospital.

The bus driver was unable to see the river bridge while crossing it owing to excessive fog.

As a result, the bus flipped over, injuring 13 people who were evacuated to the hospital by rescue 1122.

Many fog-related accidents have been recorded around the country as a result of the foggy weather.

Drivers have been encouraged to take preventive steps in order to avoid accidents.

A few days earlier, severe fog on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road caused a catastrophic collision in the early hours of Thursday near Chungi No 5 in Jhelum, injuring 30 people.

According to reports, around ten automobiles collided with each other as visibility became nearly zero owing to fog.

After being notified, police and emergency services arrived on the scene and transported the injured to the hospital. Five of the injured were in critical condition, according to rescuers.

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