KARACHI: The City Court in Karachi placed Umair Tariq Bajari, an under-training Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), on physical remand in police custody in the Orangi Town dacoity case, according to A News on Wednesday.

Following the filing of the complaint against the DSP and two Shaheen Force members, a hearing was conducted in Karachi’s judicial magistrate court, during which the investigation officer requested physical remand of the police officer implicated in the heist.

After hearing both parties’ arguments, the court placed DSP Umair Tariq Bajari on a one-day physical remand in police custody and ordered the investigating officer to present the progress report at the next hearing.

Earlier today, DSP Umair Tariq Bajari, Khurram, and Farman, along with 20 others, were charged with dacoity and kidnapping in the Orangi Town theft case on the complaint of the aggrieved merchant, Shakir Khan.

According to the FIR, Shakir Khan stated that he is a wholesaler of sanitary supplies in Orangi Town. Around 2:20 a.m. on November 19, approximately 20 officers in uniform and civil dress invaded his home.

After taking the family members captive, the officers stole Rs20 million, as well as 70 to 80 tola gold, computers, and mobile phones.

The FIR further alleged that after taking him and his brother Aamir prisoner, along with the cash, gold, and other valuables, the officers abandoned them near Baloch Pull and departed.

According to Shakir Khan’s allegation, SHO Defence police station later restored Rs10.3 million, 50 tola gold, and 12 cell phones to them.

He has asked higher-ups to take harsh measures against DSP Bajari and other employees.

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