The Supreme Court publishes a written order respecting the February 8 general election.

ISLAMABAD (APP): In suits requesting general elections within 90 days, the Supreme Court on Saturday issued a ten-page written ruling.

According to the judgment, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the President were assisted by the court in determining the date of the elections.

It said that all parties had agreed upon February 8 as the election date.

The directive said that it is now appropriate for the courts to stay out of time-wasting conflicts.

The ruling was authored by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa. It said that the ECP did not respond to the letter from the President.

The SC lacked the jurisdiction to determine the election date in accordance with the constitution.

There would be severe repercussions if any institution interfered with another’s constitutional boundaries.

The written ruling went on to state that the Supreme Court was not involved in the internal affairs of either institution and that the disagreement between the President and the ECP was brought before it was necessary.

There were concerns expressed by some that the elections might not happen.

It said that there is no justification for a constitutional body or official to be ignorant of the constitution and that the president, chief election commissioner, and members are all obliged by the oath sworn under it.

The court said that history must teach us that violating the constitution has a detrimental effect on the people and the geographic boundaries.

According to the judgment, Justice Mazhar Alam has referred the subject of Article 6 application to Parliament. Following the president’s approval, a notification regarding the election date was released.

The Supreme Court directed the federal and provincial administrations to guarantee that the election process runs smoothly on February 8.

According to the written directive, providing incorrect information and fabricating false narratives are detrimental to democracy.

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