KARACHI – On Monday night, four criminals from various parts of our city were taken into custody after being implicated in several horrific acts.

In the first instance, a burglar was taken into custody following a run-in with the law. Police were notified that some criminals were robbing people on a route of their possessions.

Cops arrived at the scene. The thieves started shooting when they saw the cops. The thieves were hit by a gunshot to the leg by the law enforcement officers who reacted. Later, he was taken into custody and checked into a local hospital. His fellow conspirators were able to flee.

Following a brief gunfight with the police, the second incident in the Clifton neighborhood resulted in the arrest of a robber.

He was hurt in the altercation and taken into custody. Numerous thefts were committed by the suspect.

From the thief, valuables and a weapon were found. The defendant, identified as Lal Muhammad, was known to smash car windows in order to steal items.

Police in the Mominabad region have detained two persons who were engaged in the illicit sale of tobacco products that were forbidden. Cash and cell phones were taken from them.

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