WhatsApp now allows you to send full-resolution photos.

When it comes to photo quality selections, WhatsApp has always been quite restricted. It presently allows you to submit photographs in “Standard” and “Best” quality, although they are compressed to conserve storage.
Thankfully, this restriction is no longer in effect, as WhatsApp now allows you to exchange “HD photos.” This choice allows you to preserve the image’s full resolution, resulting in the least amount of quality loss. When sending a photo to someone, you will now have a “HD” option. Consider the image below.

Once the photo is transmitted, the recipient will see a little “HD” icon in the bottom left corner of the image, indicating that it is larger in size and of higher quality.

This is a start in the right way because you had to dig deep into the app’s settings to locate the Best quality function, and many people were unaware it existed. Everyone may now see the “HD” option when emailing any photo.

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