ISLAMABAD: According to A News, President Dr. Arif Alvi has denied signing the Pakistan Army Act (Amendment) Bill of 2023 and the Official Secrets (Amendment) Bill of 2023.

“To render the bills useless, I instructed my employees to return them unsigned within the allotted period. I repeatedly asked them if they had been returned, and each time I received a positive response. But today I learned that my team had undercut my authority and command. Allah would pardon IA because He is all-knowing. But I beg pardon from those who will suffer,” Arif said in his X post.
The Pakistan Army Act (Amendment) Bill, 2023, and the Official Secrets (Amendment) Bill, 2023, were reportedly signed by President Arif Alvi on Saturday.

During the coalition government’s term in office, both legislation were approved by the parliament and forwarded to President Alvi for approval.

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