ISLAMABAD – On Tuesday, an extra district and sessions court granted pre-arrest bail to Soumya Asim, the accused in the rape of minor maid Rizwana.

The hearing on Soumya Asim’s temporary bail application was held in Islamabad, where Additional District and Sessions Judge Dr Abida Sajid granted the accused interim relief till August 7 against a bond of Rs0.1 million.

Soumya was ordered by the court to present herself for inquiry and to appear before Additional Sessions Judge Farrukh Farid at the next hearing.

Soumya Asim said in his court plea that the story provided in the FIR was manufactured and not factual. She stated that Rizwana was recruited as a maid in her home with her parents’ permission and that she never abused her.

The accused went on to say that she had always treated Rizwana lovingly, as if she were one of her three children, and that the facts were being twisted and exploited against her. She also stated that she was a victim of the vicious campaign being fought against her husband, a well-known civil judge.

She went on to say that she was having major problems as a result of her mental trauma. She said that despite being an educated and respected lady, she was being implicated in the case due to malice.

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