LAHORE (Web Desk) – PTI chairman Imran Khan stated on Wednesday that tyranny will not destroy the PTI and that such measures would help the party.

Addressing the audience via video connection, he said that once he began handing PTI tickets, anybody who received one would win. “A political party ends when its vote bank ends,” he adds.

He questioned if such harshness could be used to destroy an idea. “If this were true, Kashmir would now be in the hands of India,” he continued. He said that the party leadership was imprisoned and that the magical words “leaving the PTI” got them released.

He went on to explain that he was startled to see all of this, and that he had been telling my PTI members to remain inside their houses to avoid being exposed to such an atmosphere. “An impression is created that you will be relieved of all difficulties if you quit,” he continued.

Mr Khan predicted that the country’s democracy will soon come to an end. “Democracy comes to an end when fundamental rights are not granted,” he continued.

At one time, he said that only those who bowed down to authority would live.

He asked the human rights activists whether they could see what was going on in the nation right now. “Our democracy is being derailed,” he said.

The PTI president went on to remark that he was grateful that Ms Mazari said farewell to rescue herself from the abuse she had been subjected to, adding that it had affected Pakistani politics.

He bemoaned that the internet had been taken down near my home in order to regulate social media, but he said that media had been under control. “More than 10,000 PTI supporters have been detained,” he went on to say. “I’m not sure how to contact the party,” he said.

Mr Khan said that no one wanted to invest in the nation, and that the country was suffering from inflation.

He said that he would appoint a committee to discuss the benefits to the nation if he were to be removed. The second issue will be to assess the benefits of conducting elections.

He said CJP Bandial was the last hope, adding that if the judiciary did not come forward, history would not forgive them. 

“The nation is looking at you,” he said. “You have to take stand for the democracy of the country,” he added.

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