As of tonight, the first Hajj flight from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia has left from Karachi, marking the beginning of Hajj flying operations.

The first hajj aircraft reportedly left from Jinnah International Airport Karachi at approximately 4am. With 330 people on board, the aircraft to Madina took off.

The Hajj operations will be carried out by Pakistan Internation Airlines (PIA), the country’s flag airline, using its fleet of Boeing 777 and Airbus 320 aircraft. PIA will operate 315 special and regular flights to carry 65000 passengers who are going to fulfil a solemn religious duty.

However, as a result of the nation’s rife inflation, a much lower number of individuals than normal undertook the Hajj. Every year, a big number of pilgrims from Pakistan go to Saudi Arabia to do the Hajj, making Pakistan one of the top countries that celebrates the occasion with great passion and devotion.

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