23 PTI leaders and members were immediately detained once again after being released from the Attock prison on Saturday. Once again, the accused were taken into custody for maintaining public order (MPO).

23 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf members reportedly were freed from District Jail Attock after being taken out of custody. Prior to Imran Khan’s arrest, all of the members were detained for their suspected involvement in disturbances. The PTI members were detained on suspicion of terrorism and other serious offences.

By blocking off all access routes to the jail, the police once again apprehended the people who had been freed. However, the detained individuals’ family members were also forbidden from seeing them. Additionally, a sizable police presence was also present outside the facility. Over a dozen police cars were used to transfer the accused.

According to the sources, the defendants now detained under MPO 3 were moved to the District Jail from various Rawalpindi police stations.

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