LAHORE – The plea for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s protected bail was returned to his counsel on Sunday by the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’s (CJ) house staff.

The counsel for the ousted premier had filed a request for his [Imran’s] protective bail. In this context, the deployed officer instructed the counsel to file the plea in the LHC, stating that the plea would be rejected here.

After that, the PTI counsel withdrew the petition. Likewise, the LHC registrar’s office and administration were unavailable. The PTI lawyer had left the petition outside the LHC’s main entrance.

Earlier today, PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s legal team requested that the LHC grant him protective bail.

The plea was filed at the LHC by a legal team led by Advocate Azhar Siddique. After talks, the legal team produced the petition for protective bail.

To prevent the ousted PM from being arrested, the PTI has barricaded the routes around Zaman Park.

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