Sindh police have prohibited officials from using cellphones after the KPO incident.

KARACHI, Pakistan — In the aftermath of the recent terrorist assault on the Karachi Police Headquarters, Sindh Inspector General of Police Ghulam Nabi Memon has prohibited officers from using smartphones while on duty (KPO).

According to an order issued by the IGP office, the restrictions were implemented after the officers were seen often using cellphones. Specific instructions have been sent to authorities on the ground.

Security officers have also been threatened with disciplinary consequences if they do not obey the commands. A copy of the order has been issued to the AIGs, DIGs, SSPs, and other officials, with instructions to ensure that the directives be followed.

Meanwhile, the Karachi police have agreed to give civil servants with guns training. Staff employees may freely participate in the training programme. The action is intended to prevent future terrorist assaults.

Last week, three terrorists wearing suicide vests and armed with heavy weapons assaulted the Karachi Police Headquarters (KPO). Two terrorists were killed in a quick combined operation by the Sindh Rangers and police, while another blew himself up. In the assault, five persons were killed: a Rangers official, two police officers, and a sanitary worker.

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Authorities have initiated an inquiry into the incident, looking into an element in which they had inside aid to infiltrate the KPO’s premises.

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