ECP meeting called to discuss whether or not to attend elections meeting in Presidency.

ISLAMABAD: – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will meet today (Monday) to determine whether to accept or reject the Presidency’s request to consult on dates for provincial assembly elections.

According to a notice, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja has called a consultative meeting on Monday morning to debate and decide on provincial assembly election dates.

The ECP indicated in a letter to the president’s secretariat that “the commission may be unable to engage into a process of consultation with the presidency since the case was subjudice before several judicial fora.”

The ECP letter, signed by ECP Secretary Omar Hamid Khan, indicated that the final decision will be made on Monday.

It was observed that the Constitution did not provide the ECP the authority to set a date for a general election to an assembly in the event of dissolution.

The ECP said that after the dissolution of both provincial legislatures, the commission addressed the governors of both provinces to set a date for elections.

According to the letter, the ECP team addressed the governors of Punjab to request an election date, but the governor refused to provide one.

The letter stated that the panel owed the President the highest respect.

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