Imran Khan demands, “Not now then when,” before the march.

RAWALPINDI: Imran Khan, the head of the PTI, said on Saturday that he had neglected his health to start the march.

Imran Khan urged the population to go outside in a video message prior to the gathering, saying that doing so will help them face their concerns.

He asked the people, “Not now then when?”

Relevantly, the PTI has called for a liberation march to begin on November 26 (today), and caravans have begun making their way to the starting point. Imran Khan, who has been healing from gunshot wounds, will lead the march.

The police have barricaded the routes leading into the capital, and the government of Islamabad has walled off the city. In anticipation of potential PTI protests, more than 20,000 police, FC, and Rangers have been stationed in the capital.
Additionally, containers were placed at Islamabad’s entry and departure ports, and police officers received drones for close supervision. Aside from shells, the crew also received 50,000 rubber bullets.

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