“Pakistan vehemently condemned the so-called public notice, which advised students not to pursue further study in Pakistan and warned them that if they did, they would be refused jobs.”
Islamabad: Pakistan condemned on Monday a ‘public notice’ issued by India’s higher education agencies encouraging its students not to seek studies in Pakistan and warning them of job insecurity.

The University Grants Commission of India and the All India Council for Technical Education published a combined public notification regarding the non-admission of students to higher education in Pakistan.

According to a Foreign Office statement, Pakistan strongly condemns the so-called public notice, which advises students not to pursue further education in Pakistan and warns them that if they do, they would be refused jobs.
The tone of the public notice was described as not just frightening to the pupils, but also reeking of totalitarian dictatorship.

“It is deplorable that the government of India, driven by its incurable fixation with Pakistan, is brazenly coercing students in order to prevent them from pursuing quality education of their choice,” it stated.

According to the FO, the wording of the public notice revealed the BJP-RSS alliance’s profound ideological animus and chronic enmity toward Pakistan.

“It is regrettable that the Indian government has resorted to such steps in order to foment hyper-nationalism in the country as part of its mission “Hindu Rashtra,” it stated.

According to the FO, the administration sought clarification from the Indian government over the aforementioned public notice.

“Pakistan maintains the right to respond appropriately to India’s overtly discriminatory and illogical behaviour,” it stated.

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