President Volodymyr Zelensky pressed a NATO summit on Thursday to send more weaponry to Ukraine, and Western allies retaliated with more penalties against Russia, promises of military aid, and talk of kicking Moscow out of the G20.

As hostilities raged across Ukraine, with television pictures showing a big Russian vessel ablaze at dockside near Mariupol in the south, Zelensky spoke via video link to an emergency NATO summit and a G7 leaders gathering.

He stated that the West should send “all the armaments we require” to “avoid Ukrainians from dying as a result of Russian strikes or occupation.”

US President Joe Biden made it plain that the Western alliance was paying attention as he kicked off a day of intense talks.

Biden stated, “NATO has never been more united.”

After Zelensky warned there was a “real” danger Russian President Vladimir Putin would use chemical weapons, Biden assured reporters, “If he uses it, we will respond.”

Biden mentioned that the US had pledged $2 billion in weaponry to Ukraine under his presidency. He promised to welcome 100,000 of the almost 3.7 million migrants fleeing the country, as well as a new commitment of “more than $1 billion in humanitarian assistance.”

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