IB officials beat up Sar-e-aam presenter Iqrarul Hassan’s team.

KARACHI: Intelligence Bureau (IB) agents tortured Sar-e-Aam presenter Iqrarul Hassan and his colleagues cruelly for utilising video evidence to expose the wrongdoing of an IB Inspector.

Iqrarul Hassan and his crew were allegedly beaten up by IB officials after they caught an official collecting money during a door-to-door NADRA verification in Karachi’s Orangi neighbourhood during a sting operation, according to the source.

Officers from the civilian intelligence organisation abducted and tortured the Sar-e-Aam anchor and his team.

Iqrarul Hassan was transported to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital right away for stitches and basic aid. His basic medical care has been completed, according to doctors, and his condition is no longer in jeopardy.

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