During the three years of the PTI government, NHA income grew by Rs103 billion: Murad.

The Senate was informed on Tuesday that the National Highway Authority’s (NHA) income grew by 103 billion rupees during the current government’s three years in office.

Murad Saeed, the Minister of Communications, informed the House that the rise in income was due to the removal of corruption and the digitization of many procedures.

According to the Minister, we have built 2032 kilometres of road infrastructure and are working on another 2067 kilometres. He claims that this outnumbers the road infrastructure built by the previous PML-N government. He further claimed that our road development costs are far lower than those undertaken by the PML-N administration.

Murad Saeed stated that the administration would not only accomplish its five-year mandate, but will also develop the economy.

Earlier, in response to the opposition’s walkout, House Leader Shahzad Wasim expressed sadness that Opposition Parties’ policies are centred on entrenched interests rather than public benefit. He stated that the money stolen by the corrupt elements will be retrieved. The Leader of the House stated that Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and its allies are united and have complete faith in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership.

Taking the floor, Ali Muhammad Khan, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, stated that the connection between China and Pakistan will be strengthened further. He claims that this bond is as high as the Himalayas and as deep as the oceans.

He praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Beijing as a success, but expressed remorse for the narrative that the Opposition Parties attempted to construct during the visit. He stated that the Prime Minister will shortly travel to Russia and other nations. Pakistan, he remarked, is a rising power

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