Terrorists in the Noshki and Panjgur assaults, according to Balochistan’s Home Minister, have links to India and Afghanistan.

According to Balochistan Home Minister Mir Zia Lango, the terrorists who assaulted security forces in Noshki and Panjgur had linkages to India and Afghanistan.

In a press conference in Quetta following the attack on security personnel in Noshki, Panjgur, Zia Langu said that terrorism has been rampant in Balochistan for the past 15 years, with hundreds of people dead in different terrorist-related events around the province.

He said that brave security forces have made sacrifices for the cause of peace, and that those upsetting the peace in Balochistan had the help of foreign powers.

The home advisor went on to say that security personnel had saved Panjgur and Noshki from calamity.

He continued by saying that the local market was closed and would stay closed until the terrorists were killed, and that 4 to 5 terrorists had gone to the bazaar during the battle and were still alive.

According to Lango, ISIS presented a threat, and security officials valiantly battled and destroyed the attackers.

“The country pays tribute to the martyred troops,” he continued.

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