The Supreme Court renders a thorough decision in the matter of Justice Faez Isa.

The Supreme Court released a comprehensive ruling on Saturday in a case involving review petitions filed at the supreme court by Justice Qazi Faez Isa against the verdict on presidential reference against him.

The decision was written by Justices Maqbool Baqir, Mazhar Alam, Aminuddin, and Sajjad Ali Shah, with an additional remark by Justice Yahya Afridi.

“This decision must state unequivocally that no one, including a Judge of the highest court in the nation, is above the law.” At the same time, “no one, including a Judge of the highest court in the nation, may be denied his right to be dealt with in accordance with law,” the justices stated at the outset of their decision.

The contested orders “are determined to have been made by this Court without conforming to the norm of natural justice, fair trial, and due process…”, according to the ruling.

Despite the Supreme Court’s good faith directives, the court “on its own, without putting the parties on notice, without informing them what the Court was contemplating to do, and without inviting and hearing their arguments on the matters dealt with therein, the above-noted legal and constitutional aspects of the impugned directions with their ramifications were not present in the mind of the Court while making the impugned directions.”

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