KARACHI: Police stated on Tuesday that they had apprehended two accused muggers who used to steal hair salons in Karachi from the Chakiwara area of the Lyari neighbourhood, according to ARY NEWS.

The offenders, named as Muhammad Kashif and Muhammad Asif, were tracked down after CCTV video of thefts at various hair salons in Karachi revealed their participation.

After ascertaining their identities, the police conducted a raid in the Chakiwara neighbourhood and apprehended them.

During the first inquiry, the suspects admitted to robbing three hair salons in Garden and two more in the Kharadar neighbourhood, as well as robbing batteries and tyre businesses.

“They started looting hair salons in order to gain more money,” they stated, adding that suspects explained how simple it was for them to not only steal money from cash registers but also deprive clients of their things at the salons.

Robberies at hair salons have previously been recorded, and in one recent incident, a passer-by was shot dead and a police officer was injured as the latter fought a robbery attempt at a barbershop in Karachi’s Federal B Area neighbourhood.

According to authorities, the incident occurred at a barbershop in block 14 of the FB Area when armed robbers entered a salon to steal the property of customers having a haircut.

As they plundered those inside the barber shop, a police officer who was also receiving a haircut opened fire on the invaders, leading in an exchange of fire that ended in the cop being injured.

“A passer-by was also hit by a gunshot and killed on the scene,” they claimed.

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