CM Buzdar goes to Mayo Hospital to check on the health of those injured in the incident.

According to Dunya News, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar visited Mayo Hospital on Friday to ask about the condition of those injured in the Anarkali bomb.

He went from one injured person to the next, inquiring about treatment and other matters. He consoled the injured and thanked physicians for performing five successful procedures on an injured person.

Usman Buzdar also inquired about the condition of other patients being treated at the hospital. The CM praised physicians and their personnel for their compassionate care of the injured.

In an interview with the media, Usman Buzdar stated that no effort will be wasted in giving free and high-quality care to the injured. He went on to say that the government will not abandon the victims of the incident.

He pledged that the accused would not go free. The cowardly adversary was targeting civilians, but they will be vanquished, said CM Buzdar.

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