After 16-19 tourists perished in their automobiles in Murree owing to severe snowfall, the federal government has dispatched Pakistan Army and other civil-armed forces to assist in rescue operations.

After thousands of vehicles entered the city, all routes in Murree were closed, leaving tourists defenceless on the roadways.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated in a video message on Saturday that Murree had “seen a huge number of tourists after 15-20 years” and that a crisis had resulted as a result.

According to Rasheed, the government was obliged to close the road connecting Islamabad and Murree. “The commissioners, deputy commissioners, and police of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are conducting rescue operations.”

Five platoons of the Pakistan Army have been called in for rescue efforts, according to the interior minister, while Rangers and the Frontier Corps will be deployed on an emergency basis.

“Thousands of vehicles have been trapped since the night […] some have been rescued; 16-19 people have died in automobiles. The trapped people were given food and blankets by the neighbours.”

The interior minister stated that 1,000 vehicles would be evacuated by this evening, and that the highways to Murree would be closed until 9 p.m. tomorrow.

“We’ve also decided to prohibit tourists from walking into Murree; this is not the time to visit Murree,” Rasheed remarked.

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