Fake opposition narratives should be vigorously combated: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that the opposition’s false narrative must be vigorously countered.

Under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, a meeting of government spokespersons was conducted, with government ministries, assembly members, and top party leaders in attendance.

The prime minister reassured the audience on the country’s economic situation. The delegates were informed on the Finance (Supplementary) Bill 2021 by Imran Khan and Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen.

Taxes of Rs 2 billion, according to the finance minister, are being inflated.

PM Imran directed the spokespersons to clear the public of any misunderstanding about the Finance Bill, saying that the mini-budget could not be successfully communicated to the public, and that the public’s confusion concerning refunds and rebates should be addressed.

He stated that the people should be aware that the documented economy is in the national interest, and that farm growth and domestic exports have achieved historic highs.

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