(Web Desk) – TikTok is considering significant modifications to the app’s main screen, the For You page (FYP). It will change the algorithm that feeds the FYP a never-ending stream of videos to prevent it from presenting too much of the same type of material.

“As we continue to create new ways to disrupt repeated patterns, we are investigating how our algorithm might better vary the types of material that may be recommended in a sequence,” TikTok noted in a blog post. “That is why we are investigating methods to prevent promoting a sequence of similar material — such as around severe diets or fitness, grief or breakups — to protect against seeing too much of a content category that may be good as a single video but harmful when watched in clusters.”

The firm is also developing a method to detect whether the algorithm only gives a user a restricted set of films. While videos on loneliness or weight loss may not violate the platform’s standards, they may have a detrimental impact if they make up the majority of what a user views on the For You tab. Preventing this from happening is therefore critical.

“Our objective is for each person’s For You feed to contain a diverse range of material, artists, and themes,” TikTok stated, stressing that too many similar videos in the feed don’t reflect the type of experience it wants to cultivate. The service is consulting with its Content Advisory Council and the community, as well as professionals in health, clinical psychology, and artificial intelligence ethics.

In addition, TikTok is developing an option that will let users block videos linked to certain words or hashtags on the For You page. That will give them more control over what they see on the home screen.

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