The Supreme Court has ordered that fired employees be reinstated.

SLAMABAD – On Friday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan announced its final judgement on the firing of 16,000 government employees, and the fired workers were restored.

The Supreme Court has ordered that workers in BS-1 to BS-7 would be returned to their old posts, but those in BS-08 to BS-17 will be subjected to a commissioned test in order to protect the openness of government institutions.

Earlier, a five-judge panel of the Supreme Court led by Justice Umer Ata Bandial deferred its decision on the government’s review petitions challenging the court’s decision to strike down the Sacked Employees (Reinstatement) Act 2010.

On Wednesday, the federal government requested that the Supreme Court of Pakistan recall its decision that invalidated the Sacked Employees (Reinstatement) Act 2010.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan first issued its decision by denying the requests for review petitions; however, based on a suo moto action taken by the SC, it has now been decided to restore the fired workers.

In his dissenting opinion, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah stated that in a robust democratic system, parliament is supreme, and undermining parliament is equal to eroding democracy.

He also stated that sections 4 and 10 are contradictory and should be reconsidered.

As they celebrate the final judgement, the employees see the ruling as a fantastic opportunity.

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